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We compose, arrange and produce music and sound design, and we have experience in working with Advertising Agencies, Brands, Film production companies, both in Italy both outside. We also have a long experience in writing and producing music for many italian and international artists as much as soundtracks for movies and tv shows.



We built our studio with a focus on productivity and comfort. Located few minutes by foot from the Duomo Cathedral, in the center of Milan, our production offices and recording studios are developed in two flats. In Flat A, Two production rooms overlook the main recording space, a 35 mq room with a very  versatile and adaptable acoustic, ideal for recording drums, vocals, piano and strings. In Flat B another mixing and mastering room is owned and managed by Morevox and multi-platinum sound engineer Sabino Cannone. The studio is done with the finest modern and vintage analog gear available.

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Mattia Paranzini

Composer, producer, C.E.O.

Fabio Gargiulo

Composer, producer

Sabino Cannone

Sound designer, mix and mastering sound engineer

Matteo Buzzanca

Songwriter, composer, producer

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e-mail adress info@effettonote.com

phone +393286522941